Hear it ring?

No, it’s not one of those rings! But you can still give her something to show off. Ths Lemon Citrine Ring from the David Yurman Lemon Ice Collection would make the perfect gift for any girl.

The pave diamonds surround the Citrine stone to make a quite attractive piece of jewelry. This isn’t really a delicate ring though. It has a good weight to it and it is pretty flashy! However, its feminine details allow it to be worn everyday, unlike cocktail jewelry (big fake jewelry).
Take my word for it though, this isn’t something you can go buy last minute. Since ring size 6 is the most common ring size, it is the only size David Yurman makes. If the lady doesn’t wear a size 6 the purchased ring it is sent off to get resized. This takes about two to three weeks.
$1325.00 at davidyurman.com
Web Style Number DYS09_Y5603
Store Style Number R06793D SS ALCDI

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