A way to a man’s heart…

apron1… you all know the saying.

This is one of those gifts. You know, when you get her something that is actually very useful to you.

I have a friend that says she can’t even cook hamburger helper (shudder)! This gift would even make her want to turn into Rachel Ray ( or at least Betty Crocker)!

Like most sports, cooking also requires a certain attire. The main uniform should be a girlie-looking apron. The easiest place to track these down is Anthropologie. They run about $28-38. It will surprise you how much she’ll be wearing this– she’ll put it on just to pour a bowl of cereal!

Of course, next she’ll need tools. And don’t say she already has some is they are cheap and plastic– the whole point of this gift is to make her want to get in the kitchen, and trust me– those plastic measuring cups don’t get her excited.



So she’ll need a cute set of measuring cups and spoons. Anthropologie carries a variety of measuringthings for around $20-30.

Last but definitely not least- she’s going to need a cookbook so that she can actually figure out how to cook. Of course, there are mountains and mountains of different cookbooks, but here are a few of my favorites!!

Giada De Lauretis’ Everyday Italian is a great cookbook for new cooks, because it shows how simple it is to make great food. The recipes are so yummy even seasoned vets love this cookbook. Amazon.com $21.45

Rachel Ray’s 365: No Repeats holds 365 recipes of meals that only take 30 minutes to cook! This cookbook will get a lot of use! Amazon.com $13.57

And for your sweet tooth? Try Leslie F. Miller’s Let Them Eat Cake. It’s filled with recipes of all things cake in so many different varieties that you will never want to eat boxed cake again!
Amazon.com $16.50


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