Life’s a beach.

I actually got the idea of this gift from my brother. For Christmas he gave his girlfriend a basket full of all of her favorite things: candy, wine, a gift certificate to a spa, etc. I though this was a great idea. This can be done in several different variations. Sometimes it’s nice to get several surprises. Also, this gift shows your creativity and lets her know that you put some effort into it.

Since summer is right around the corner, I think this would make a great gift!

We’re going to pack her a beach (Or pool or lake, whatever) bag!

For starters you’ll want to start with the beach bag. I like the Boat and Tote bag from LL Bean. They are durable and will last forever. You can get them in several different colors and they aren’t overpriced. I suggest getting the large ($24) or extra-large ($30) for a beach bag. Having her name monogrammed on the bag adds a lot of personality to the bag for only $6. (

What would a beach bag be without a big beach towel? A good beach towel will be at least 6 feet long– Nobody wants to put their feet on a dirty lounge chair or get sand on in your hair. Target has a few options for around $10 and Pottery Barn also has great towels ($39).

Now you have your beach bag staples: the towel, and, well, the beach bag its self. Everything else can just be added for fun. You can add portable speakers for an MP3 player  like this one made by JBL. It can be either AC or battery powered, so it can go anywhere. At only one pound and 3 inches in diameter, it will not load her bag down. ($99 from

As for a few extras? Throw in an insulated water bottle, facial sunscreen and a bottle of tanning oil!


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