Forget having a good memory

The Flip claims to be “the world’s simplest HD camcorder”. I can’t find a better way  to describe it! The Flip UltraHD is the perfect gift for any girl.

Test One: Looks
The first observation of this camera from the minimalist, white box it comes in is its simplicity. The camera, which comes in black or white, has a 2″ screen and only six buttons–because you know she isn’t a tech genius. The 6 oz camera comes with a  suede pouch and a wrist strap so it’s safe in her purse or in her hands. So far, so good.

Test Two: Functionality
The camera is easy to use. It has a built in wide range microphone and digital zoom which is good for spying on friends far away. It has two hours of recording time built in so no memory stick needed. Automatic low light detection provides ultra low light sensitivity so you can still film outdoors in the evenings. It allows 2.5 hours of recording time and is recharged through the USB port on your computer. You can also play, pause, fast forward and rewind your videos from the camera. The camera also has a tripod mount but I don’t think I’d ever use it.

Test Three: Production
Uploading the video to your computer is so simple. The USB pops out from the side of the camera and plugs in to your computer. The Flip Video software automatically pops up on your computer and loads the videos from the camera to the computer software. The video is formatted in MP4 so it can easily be put on an iphone or ipod. The Flip software easily allows you to upload videos to YouTube, Facebook or any other website if you choose. It also has a video editor which allows you to splice videos and add music.

I’ve only found two small glitches about the production.

  1. I prefer to keep my recording space free, so I wish the camera would automatically save the videos to computer and delete them off the camera. Instead, you have to manually save the videos to your computer then delete all videos from the camera. I must say this is a super easy process, but it just bugs me a bit.
  2. The Flip Video software automatically compresses the video to 640 x 480 pixels. If you upload the video to YouTube directly from the software it will not be in HD (1280 x 720 pixels). To upload an HD video to YouTube, you must go through the YouTube website and upload a video by finding the file on your computer.

Again, both of these are small glitches and in no way take away from the camera.

Available at or BestBuy for $199.99


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