Get rid of those pink books.

Girls love to vacation. No, I’m not telling you that you need to fly her across the ocean (you should already know that). Girls also love to over pack.

For example, even I am fairly good about packing my luggage (who wants to pay for that extra bag these days?) but I always, ALWAYS overload my carry-on. So much so, that I have to force the boyfriend, or the brother or dad for that matter, to carry my carry-on for me!

But seriously, you have to take candy, makeup essentials, a magazine or two and a couple of books! (On a 14 hour flight to Buenos Aires you NEED options.) There is nothing I can do about the candy–you eat it too– and makeup. But I can offer a solution for the books. Introducing the KINDLE!

The Kindle is about a 1/3 of an inch slim, which is about the size of a magazine. It weighs 10.2 onces (lighter than a bag of Doritos).

You can download the books straight from the Kindle… no more stopping by the airport bookstore… Unless you need more candy  that is. My FAVORITE part about the Kindle, however, is that the books are cheaper! A book I bought last week from Barnes and Noble was $14.99. It’s available on the Kindle for $8.99.

I’ll be honest with you, I really didn’t like the idea of a Kindle at first. (I think my direct quote was, “I don’t like how everything is going to go digital. Where will our tangible artifacts be???”) But after thinking about it and playing with it, it’s actually a much smarter idea. Think about all the trees that are spared! It’s actually very green.

The Kindle is so small and so easy to read. It looks identical to looking at a book. It has a very long battery life– you can read on it for days and days without it dying.

So, to make a short story long, This is the perfect book for any girl who likes to read. (Plus–It will be far less annoying on a bedside table than a stack of pink books.)

$299.00 from is a little steep, but considering the amount it will get used it’s not so bad.


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