Thoughts come cheap.


My brother needed help picking out a gift for a friend that was overseas this past week. He couldn’t really decide what to get her so he called in a professional: ME! (That’s me.)

He just wanted to send her a little gift to brighten her day. So we brainstormed about what this young lady might like. Finally we decided that she probably needed some pj’s, since she’s essentially at an extended slumber party, if you think about it like that.

Off to Target we went! We picked out an adorable pair of Xhileration boxer shorts, which were a STEAL at $5.00! They came in about 10 colors, I picked out a pink and yellow stripe. Actually, I liked them so much I bought a pair, too! We got her a white and pink camisole to go along with it.

The PJ’s were all set to go! I just felt like it needed a little extra something to go along with it! So I picked out a bottle of Essie nail polish ($8.00) to match the shorts. (Note- I understand that this is a silly thing for a guy to give a girl, but she absolutely loved it and that it was silly in a cute way.)

And BAM! There is a thoughtful little gift for under $20.00!


2 responses to “Thoughts come cheap.

  1. Very sweet!


  2. Super cute!