Toughen up!

Chances are, your girlfriend, wife, daughter or sister has an iPhone. If not, close out this window, drive to the nearest Apple or ATT store and BUY HER ONE. The iPhone has changed my life, and I feel handicapped when it dies or when I’m walking the dog and leave it upstairs. Bottom line it’s a must have.

However, this post is not about the iPhone. I have dedicated this post to iPhone accessories– specifically, the case!

For starters, everyone knows that girls are clumsy. It’s just a fact of life– have you read Twilight? Bella is so clumsy that she— Nevermind… this could go on forever. Any way, the accessory that no iPhone can go without is a case! The case plays the important role of “Protector”. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dropped my phone, probably 50. However, I was smart and had a case on it. I have several friends who have been not so smart and now have busted screens–Hello! iPhones are expensive to replace!

The case I’m currently using is the pink Slider case. It’s surprising how much thought goes into these little cases. It has rubber interior walls for added shock protection and has a removable bottom for easy docking. $34.99 from

The woman in your life might not be a pink kind of gal. Not everyone likes loud accessories. This is my new favorite case. It hugs around the sides of the iPhone just enough to keep it safe if dopped. It is LITTERALLY undetectable. Also $34.99from

Next on the list of fun cases, is the Juicy Couture candy colored jelly cases. I’ve used the jelly case before and found it to be very bouncy. The colors are adorable and the set is $58.00 from which is pretty cheap considering you get three in a set.

A case makes a nice gift and it’s something useful unlike that electronic head scratch-er you got her a couple of years ago.


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