All wrapped up

With fall quickly (and even quicker in my cold office) approaching I am dying to get some cold weather accessories.

I know how much guys love those late night football games that get so cold a girl might freeze her little hinney off! In steps the loved gold bag tied shut with a matching gold ribbon. (Burberry, duh.) The perfect gift for the fall is the Burberry Merino Wool Fringed Serape.

I am obsessed. It’s the perfect snugly wrap for cold weather!  It’s pretty big, at 51″x55″.

I know what you are thinking. (Because I think my boyfriend would be thinking the same thing.) Probably something along the lines of “I don’t want my girlfriend wearing a blanket!”

The beauty of this wrap is that you can pair it with tight jeans without looking like you are trying to show off the goods.
<—-PS. Does she look frumpy? Don’t think so.

This Burberry wrap will make the perfect present for her (she’ll love it) and for you (you won’t have to leave the game early because she’s too cold!)

$325 from Saks


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