Champagne Season!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, To Do lists triple in size. One check point that makes its appearance across the charts is entertaining (See Example Below).

Buy Presents

Test New Recipes

Throw Christmas/ New Year’s/ Hanukkah Party

I love entertaining guests. Most women do. Good food, good music and
good– wait for it– drinks!

What would the holidays be without champagne?? Do people really ring in the New Year’s with Beer? (“Shiver”) A great gift to kick off the holiday season is a set of champagne saucers.

FYI- It’s rumored that champagne saucers were created from a mold of Marie Antoinette’s…  (How do I put this politely?)… best assets.

Along with it, though.


My favorite champagne saucers out now are the Starry Champagne Glasses from Anthropolgie.

They are absolutely adorable.

The gold rim with tiny gold stars and bubbles sprinkled around make this the ultimate champagne glass.

Any girl would shriek for a set of these. (A good sized set would be somewhere between 8-12– just depending on how many friends you usually have over.)  $14 a glass is a great price for such unique glassware, too!

Enjoy the Champagne Holiday Season!


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