Valentine’s Day Tip #1

With the end of January nearing and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s definitely time to get the Valentine’s Day posts ready.

I will begin by saying that I think too much emphasis is put on Valentine’s Day. A girl wants to feel special and loved every day of the year. However, busy work schedules and daily stress often wear us down and we sometimes forget to let our loved ones know just what they mean to us– which is where Valentine’s Day steps in.

Don’t: Go all out and plan some crazy Valentine’s Day date.
Do: Go the extra mile to show her what she means to you.

Tip #1: Put in your man hours.

One of the biggest ways you can should a girl how you feel about her is to spend some good ole fashioned time on her. Make her something!

Bake some cupcakes.
If you have no talent in the kitchen, run to the store and pick up a box of cake mix and some icing. It’s fine to go with a Betty Crocker or Pilsberry mix, but if you want to do something special I suggest skipping over to Williams Sonoma and picking up a box of Sprinkles Cupcake mix. (My favorite is Red Velvet– perfect for Valentine’s Day!)
Once you’re done spreading on the icing spell out “I LOVE YOU” on tops of eight cupcakes with red icing or decorate with some heart shaped sprinkles. And Voila! Valentine Cupcakes!

Refinish a piece of furniture for her.
Is she using some cheap-o, super lightweight side tables from Target? (–Oh wait, that’s just me–) go to the Salvation Army and find an old set that needs some TLC. Strip it, sand it and stain it and you’ve got a set of side tables that are good as new. (But better! Because it was made by Y-O-U!)

Make her a card.
NOTE: A white sheet of paper crease down the middle with Happy Valentine’s Day written in pencil, with a piece of hard candy taped to the front does not constitute as a handmade card. (You laugh, but I’ve seen a guy do it.)
Get out your scissors, architecture triangle and some construction paper and have at it.

The main thing to remember is that it’s important for her to know that you care enough about her to spend some time doing something nice for her. She will recognize it and appreciate it.


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