Valentine’s Day Tip #3

Tip #3: Grab the coffee beans.

Perfume is one of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day. (It’s always been one of my favorites!) I tried to look up the origin of perfume for Vday gifts, but I got fed up from sorting through all the terrible “Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestion” websites. So to that question, I will never know the answer.

Since this is a gift, I suggest you picking out a different perfume than the one she usually wears. This is a gift from you and I’ve always thought there was something very sweet about wearing a perfume that a guy picked out especially for me!

With that being said hop in your car  and head to the department store of your choice. Ask the salesperson for a canister of coffee beans and several of their best selling perfumes. Smelling one scent after another can really confuse your nose so take a big whiff of the coffee beans to reset your sense of smell after sniffing out each scent. Narrow it down to the two or three you like the best and then ask a few salesgirls for their opinions.

I’ll suggest a few of my favorites to help get you started.

It’s no secret that I love Bond No. 9 fragrances. They have about 40 different scents and pretty much all of them are fantastic. My top three are Union Square, Scent of Peace and Astor Place.

They are each $150 for 50 ml and $210 for 100 ml. The perfume comes with a postcard to fill out and send in and the company will send the recipient a travel size of each new scent launched.

Another perfume that is always a winner in my book is Chanel Chance.

It runs between $60-115 depending on the size of the bottle.

My last recommendation is Chloe. It is between $85-110.

Again, those are just suggestions. Pick the one you like best. And don’t forget to smell the coffee beans!

All the above are available at Saks.


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