Put a (ear)ring on it.

Jewelry is often a go-to gift for girls.
Girls LOVE jewelry.
The only problem with jewelry, at least in my opinion, is that you can only have so much of it before it starts getting, dare I say, useless!

The key to purchasing jewelry is to know what the person you are giving it to already has, which you probably do. Unless you go around giving girls you barely know jewelry (if you are, I’ve got a friend for you. Her name is Nikki.)

If a girl already has a pair of studs (she does) that she wears everyday, don’t buy her a new pair (unless the ones you are buying her are an upgrade). You want to make sure you are giving her something she’s really going to get some use out of. I have a few unique suggestions that I think would be sure to please any girl.

First, we have the Carnelian and Tanzanite earrings by Bounkit.
Carnelian (orange stone) and Tanzanite (little blue stones) cluster together about the teardrop glass stone. The cat’s eye shading on the glass stone adds a lot of personality to these earrings. They are very versatile– they could be worn with a bright sun dress during the day or with a black cocktail dress in the evening.  These do have a clip-on clasp, which is fine. A lot of cocktail jewelry is clip-on.
This pair is available at Saks for $440.

The next pair earrings are the Amethyst and Gold Earrings by Ippolita
What makes these earrings so special is the cut of the amethyst. (I would tell you what the name of the cut is but I’m no Gemologist.)
I love the hammered gold. It gives such a natural look to the earrings. Any recipient would really get a lot of wear out of them. For example, I’m about as girlie as one can come and I love these, but I could also see my grandmother (who barely wears any jewelry at all) loving them as well.
Also available at Saks for $495.

They are both great choices and I don’t think you could go wrong with either one.


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