A Very Important Date

Alice in Wonderland hits theaters on March 5th. Like many others, I’m excited about it.
I never saw Avatar or any of those Disney movies that have been shown in 3D, but I do think I’ll go see this one in 3D.

Alice in Wonderland has made a huge splash this year. I’ve seen everything from eyeshadows to halloween costumes to nail polish. The best Alice inspired collection I’ve seen yet is the Alice in Wonderland jewelry by Swarovski.

Staying true to Swarovski’s form, this collection is full of bling– a girl does like to sparkle.
A few of my favorites are the Cheshire Cat necklace $155

The Red Queen Cards Rings **My absolute favorite** $100
And the Tea Party White Rabbit necklace $150


2 responses to “A Very Important Date

  1. Oh I am so excited for this film too……. and also a little proud of Mia who plays Alice , she is a fellow Australian and such a fine young actress, I think she is going to be huge after this

    • maryjanecarney

      I didn’t know she was Australian! I’d never heard of her before this! I’m excited to she how she does!