I’m sick of this chaos known as my laptop. It practically got eaten by a virus a few months ago so I had it reformatted only to leave it without the most basic program- Microsoft Office. So I finally get the program installed back on it last week. Well… Yesterday it decided that it had no desire to boot back up.

So this leads me to my next obsession. A new laptop. I’ve been true to Dell for a while now. More like my whole life. I’m going to try something new next time.

The MacBook.
Its sleek looking silver case. Its glossy screen and black keys.
With a 13.3 inch LED screen, and a weight of 4.5 pounds it is the perfect laptop for her. It has 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor- you know what that means, even though she won’t.
My favorite feature on this laptop? The power cord is magnetic. So yes, when you are chasing the dog around the table and he trips over the cord, it rips out– without taking your laptop down on the way.
Get it at for $1,299. PS- If you know someone with a student ID use it! Apple gives a 10% discounts to students for computers!!

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